Human Resource Consulting

We provide a portfolio of services to our clients scattered across various industries

Endeava has gone into a strategic alliance with Positive Strokes to provide best-in-class Management Consulting Practices at your door step. In the business world today, the function of Human Resource has become ever more complex and important. The business environment is forever changing and the organization must be flexible enough to adopt these changes including the evolving laws, demographics and business strategies.

We provide following services in order to keep any organization perform up to its optimum level, it becomes very important for them to hire efficient People, retain them and benefit from them. The Services we provide:

Psychometric Testing and Assessment:

DISC Profiling


Kersey Temperament Sorter

Partnering with our clients in their Talent Acquisition and Development initiatives

Conducting Development Centres through our own researched tools

Learning and Development:

We develop content and deliver training programmes customised to clients' needs in following areas:

Behaviourial Skills

Sales Functional Train


Strategic HR Process

In the areas of developing Organisational Capability and People Development. Our bouquet of services include :

Balanced Score Card : We help the organisations in charting out their performance deliveries and developmental needs within the overall context of organisational challenges through this technique.

Performance Management System : We facilitate the organisational members in crafting their Key Performance Indicators and draw up a Process to initiate a robust PMS

HR Process Manual: We partner with organisations in evolving/ modifying their Intent Manual benchmarked to the 'best of class' practices.

Employee Engagement : We conduct Surveys and help organisations identifying the areas to diagnose and plan interventions around that.

Organisational Restructuring : We facilitate in Job Evaluation and evolve organisation structure in consonance with the organisation challenges through work process flow and skill gaps analysis.

Competency Mapping : We partner with the organizations in initiating and developing their own Competency Framework-both generic and functional

Executive Coaching : We initiate Coaching processes in the organisations and help constituents in dealing with their strengths and developmental areas.

360 degrees : We initiate 360 degrees feedback and help their organisations in their developmental journey and create Individual Developmental Plans.

Compensation Survey : We deal in Compensation Surveys and Benchmarking and facilitate organisations in creating their Compensation Bands.

HR Metrics : We facilitate organisations in generating HR Metrics to enhance the performance delivery of the function.

Outbound Training

We offer an unique blend of In-house experience and outbound training together.

The experiences which are created in an In-house context is translated into effective learning ( Transition Stage) before culminating in actual implementation of skills and competencies gathered at their work place.

Positive Strokes is in the process of building up its own Outbound infrastructure along with a wellness centre in near future.


HR Outsourcing

End to End HR process implementation through our back-office and deploying our resources at clients' office in the areas of :

Process Implementation

HR Audit

Payroll Administration

Statutory Compliance